Alternatives to iPadian

IOS emulator for people who own an Apple device and a PC

Alternatives to iPadian
  • Bluetooth Driver Installer
    Bluetooth Driver Installer

    Get the drivers you need in order to connect all of your Bluetooth enabled devices

    Free In English
  • Corrupt MS BKF Recovery 5.4.1
    Corrupt MS BKF Recovery 5.4.1

    Best Corrupt MS BKF Recovery Tool

    Trial version In English
  • Ubuntu 20.04
    Ubuntu 20.04

    Use this tool to access other programs that have a high level of graphics inside

    Free In English
  • ASAP Utilities 4.7.1
    ASAP Utilities 4.7.1

    Microsoft Excel add-in that effortlessly increases efficiency

    Free In English
  • iPhone Simulator 4.2
    iPhone Simulator 4.2

    Easy to use, lightweight tool designed to help test iPhone web applications

    Free In English
  • Norton Utilities
    Norton Utilities

    Computer performance optimization that frees spaces and fixes computer problems

    Paid In English
  • Glary Utilities 5.160
    Glary Utilities 5.160

    Software bundle that includes quality system management tools

    Free In English
  • DAEMON Tools Lite 10.14.0
    DAEMON Tools Lite 10.14.0

    Software that allows you to read image files and create virtual devices

    Free In English
  • Google Input Tools
    Google Input Tools

    Users can type in a wide variety of other languages by creating virtual keyboard layouts

    Free In English
  • Google Input Tools for PC
    Google Input Tools for PC

    A virtual word processor that allows users to type in multiple languages and special characters

    Free In English
  • PC Repair Tools 8.3.0
    PC Repair Tools 8.3.0

    A suite of tools that helps you to repair and even speed up your PC

    Demo In English
  • Androck free
    Androck free

    Software that gives you access to mobile applications and features on your desktop

    Free In English
  • Appetizer

    Application for enhancing and organizing the Windows XP Start menu

    Free In English
  • iPad Launcher 1.0
    iPad Launcher 1.0

    Launch apps on your PC's desktop with an interface designed to mimic that of iOS

    Free In English
  • XLaunchpad 1.8
    XLaunchpad 1.8

    A Windows application that mimics the Mac OS X Lion launcher

    Free In English
  • Nexus 20.10
    Nexus 20.10

    Popular tablet and smartphone line from Google

    Free In English
  • Apple GarageBand Wallpaper
    Apple GarageBand Wallpaper

    Feature rich music creation studio for the Mac

    Free In English
  • Chrome XP V4
    Chrome XP V4

    Web browsing from Google for antiquated Windows systems

    Free In English
  • Mac OS X Theme 1.3
    Mac OS X Theme 1.3

    Theme for Firefox based on the original Mac OS theme

    Free In English
  • PrimeOS 0.4.3
    PrimeOS 0.4.3

    An Android-based OS that can transform a normal Windows desktop PC into an Android-like device

    Free In English
  • TranslucentTB varies-with-device
    TranslucentTB varies-with-device

    Create customized toolbars with this user-friendly tool

    Free In English
  • Dark Theme Windows 7
    Dark Theme Windows 7

    If you're still using Windows 7, this theme download can help you customize with a darker theme

    Free In English